Living in Ashley Plantation

If you are looking for a beautiful gated community to move into, and have the money and resources to make it happen, then there is this place called Ashley Plantation which is tucked away inside Pace, Florida. Spanning across 467 well-preserved acres of land is this upscale community, having surroundings that are both peaceful and breath-taking. At the same time, Ashley Plantation remains a convenient choice to many attractions in Northwest Florida. It even has some of the best schools for children to enroll in.

General Summary

Developer and builder D.R. Horton designed this single family home community, which is located at Arciero Avenue in Pace. When considering buying a home in Ashley Plantation, you can expect unit sizes to range from 1,706 to 4,188 square feet of land. A typical single family home in this community has three to six bedrooms. Methodically divided into several neighborhoods, Ashley Plantation offers a walking bridge that provides a pleasant scenic overlook of Chase Creek along with other conservation areas that are frequently visited by wildlife.

If you plan on buying a smaller home, Ashley Plantation offers homes that only have three bedrooms. If you have a larger family and need more space, then consider buying a larger executive home that contains a floor plan of either four, five or six bedrooms. No matter what size of residence you seek, you can expect only the best quality of home development in the construction of Ashley Plantation.


What you will notice right away when evaluating homes in Ashley Plantation is the abundance in variety these homes provide in their designs. There are 22 homes in Ashley Plantation that have three bedrooms. Out of these homes, the average selling price is $213,572. There are 15 detached two or more story homes and seven detached bungalows. The average selling price for a detached two or more story home is $211,586. The average selling price for a detached bungalow is $217,828.

If you need a larger home for your family, Ashley Plantation has a total of 66 homes that contain four or more bedrooms. The average selling price of a four, five or six bedroom home is $325,967. While the average selling price for a detached two or more story home is $335,562. And the average selling price for a detached bungalow is $300,381.

Floor Plans

When you take a tour through one of the homes in Ashley Plantation, you will notice the elegance and the upscale feeling as you observe the spacious rooms of a house. One key theme about the floor plans of a home in Ashley Plantation is that you will be given tons of room to work with. For example, a bedroom will feature a closet that has a lot of storage space, which means that you can safely store your belongings. The flooring of the rooms mainly features wooden surfaces, so there is minimal risk in staining the floors as opposed to rugs and carpeting.

Most homes in Ashley Plantation will feature what is called a “Family Room”, which is different than a living room. A Family Room is created so that more space can be utilized by various parts of the family, including children. In the case of a detached bungalow, you will often notice a separate “Bonus Room” that is positioned alongside the attic. This is the kind of room that you would use for storage purposes, or alternatively as an entertainment room.

While you can be creative inside one of these homes, it also helps that you can express your creativity outside of a home as well. Some homes in Ashley Plantation will have unique features like a fire pit, pools, and small vineyards in the comforts of the backyard. Considering that you have a minimum of 1,706 square feet of land to work with when you buy a home in Ashley Plantation, you will have enough space to perform fun activities such as maintaining a flower garden and playing sports and outdoor games with your children.

Homeowners Association

Ashley Plantation is managed by a Homeowners Association, which means that there will be specific rules, regulations and bylaws that you will need to follow to keep everyone else in the neighborhood happy. For starters, the annual dues that you will need to pay the Ashley Plantation HOA will amount to $560. The due date for these annual dues is January 1. If the HOA doesn’t receive your payment by January 31, a late fee will be added to the outstanding balance. You can pay these annual dues either online, via check, or via money order. If covenant violations go uncorrected, according to Florida Statute you can be fined a maximum of $100 per day for each violation and $1,000 per violation.

When you purchase a home in a neighborhood, subdivision or plantation, you reached an agreement to become part of the HOA. It then becomes a requirement that you apply for approval for any changes that are made to your home, as long as these changes abide by the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines. An ARC Review Application must be submitted before repairs are completed. Every HOA has their own ARC. If the proper protocol isn’t followed, you will encounter problems with your HOA. Items that are subject to ARC approval include any new construction, the installation of a shed, an inground pool, or a new roof on your property, the removal or installation of a fence, and exterior painting.

What To Do In and Around Ashley Plantation

Ashley Plantation is situated in Pace, one of the main suburbs of Pensacola. There are some activities available for those who live in Ashley Plantation. Especially if you are raising a family, you would like to have your children stay active by playing outside. One way to do this is to head out to Benny Russell Park, which is coming streets such as Hamilton Lane and entering West Spencer Field Road. This park was specifically designed with kids in mind as there are multiple playgrounds that will keep them busy during a beautiful day in the spring and summer seasons. Benny Russell Park is also a good place to ride a bicycle if you are the athletic type of person.

Benny Russell Park is a peaceful place to spend time in if you want to have a family picnic. However, if you have not brought many snacks or meals with you, then it is recommended to get some food at the IC Station Stir Fry Ice Cream shop. While it is technically in Navarre, situated on Navarre Parkway, it is within a few blocks of Benny Russell Park. IC Station provides some of the most innovative and unique ice cream flavors in the entire state of Florida. Some of these flavors include the Stir Fry Ice Cream Roll, Egg Waffle Ice Cream, and Berry Good, which is vanilla and blueberry topped with strawberry boba, blueberries, and drizzles of honey. If you desire to have a savory meal at IC Station, then you can choose dishes such as the Beef Ramen, Shrimp Ramen, and various Gyoza bowls.

Sports Complex

Not far from South Spencer Field Road is a sports camp and clinic called The Club House All Sports Training Facility. If you and your family are into sports, then you will get the stimulating activities that you seek by spending an hour or two inside this facility. A two-story building measuring in at 19,500 square feet, this training facility features 10,000 square feet of indoor premium turf that is open to all sports. a

Along with a premium outdoor training ground, there is a full indoor basketball court, an all-grass infield that meets Major League Baseball’s standards, a partial field for both American football and soccer, and volleyball courts that are stationed both indoors and outdoors. One great benefit of this facility is its indoor air conditioning, which really helps during the hot days of summer.

In addition to the key places for training, there are parts of the facility where you and your family can relax and have fun. There is a fan lounge available for watching sports on television. Also there is a coffee bar that includes a coffee maker, dishwasher, trash compactor and refrigerator. There are multiple party rooms you can pay for if you want to throw a birthday party for your children.


Looking for a great place to have a filling meal at the end of the day? Look no further than the northwest corner of Pace, which is only a few miles away from the Ashley Plantation community. Located on Quintette Road is Santino’s Pizza, which specializes in making grinder sandwiches and, of course, pizza.

There is an amazing variety in the types of pizzas and grinders you can choose. There is the classic cheese pizza, and then there is the barbecue pizza, which uses barbecue sauce as its base instead of pizza sauce. The Greek pizza has black olives, diced tomatoes, feta cheese, white cheese, green peppers and onions for ingredients. There is also a pizza made just for vegetarians, featuring no meat whatsoever. For grinders, there are delicious choices such as the buffalo chicken grinder, the cheeseburger grinder, and the DeLuna, which contains roast beef and horseradish.


Alongside the city of Pace itself is a beautiful and elegant neighborhood community that has a reputable Homeowners Association and a safe environment for the whole family. Ashley Plantation is recognized as an upscale neighborhood that has some of the best quality home development plans. Having an abundance of things to do in its surrounding areas, you will be at peace in the confines of Ashley Plantation, knowing that you can keep your family happy while living life to the fullest.








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