Projects To Do Around Your Home in 2022 Part 1

There’s a New Year right around the corner, and there’s no time like the present to start to plan your next home projects.  From simple fixes to full-scale remodels and everything in between, it seems like there is always something that needs to be done.  Rather than flying by the seat of your pants and trying to do everything all at once (which usually results in nothing getting done), try creating a plan for yourself this year by tackling certain projects during certain seasons.  In this way, you can ensure that you’re getting all the to-do items checked off of your list in a timely and efficient manner and without all of the headaches and hassles of previous years.  Not sure where to start?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t Waste the Winter:  Renovate, Remodel & Revamp

Winter is the perfect time to focus on some of your larger-scale home projects (both indoors and out).  There a quite a few reasons for this.  For one thing, the winter window falls outside of peak season for most contractors, meaning that you’re far more likely to be able to find a contractor (if you’re using one) who can fit you into their schedule and get things rolling quickly.  Winter is also typically associated with cheaper materials as demand tends to lessen.  Prices for lumber, cabinets, windows and more tend to increase during the springtime and stay relatively high throughout the summer and into fall.  It may also be easier to obtain permits during these months, as government agencies tend to be less busy, as well.  Focusing on your outdoor renovations during the winter (weather permitting) will also mean that they will be ready to enjoy once those warmer months come along!  Here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

Indoor Winter Projects

  • Remodel Kitchen:  Winter is a great time to turn your outdated kitchen into the focal point of your home, particularly as you’ve just spent plenty of time in it for the holidays and are likely pretty clear on what could be done to make it a more pleasant space to spend your time in.  Take your mind off of the cold and refocus your energy on creating a kitchen you’ll be proud of.   
  • Remodel Bathroom:  Bathroom remodels can feel a little daunting, too, but winter is a wonderful time to get this done, as well, for many of the same reasons.  Contractor availability is much higher, costs are down and you get to start off the new year with a beautiful new space! 
  • Patch & Repaint:  Need a little color in your life?  Spruce up your space with some quick patching and a fresh coat of paint!  Nothing could be easier to give your whole home a brand new glow.
  • Insulate Your Attic:  Insulation will help you to cut down costs year-round on heating and cooling.  Whether you work with a contractor or go it alone, make sure that you find the insulation with the right “R-value” for your home (this number refers to its effectiveness and you should be looking for something with a minimum R-value of 38).   
  • Refinish a Basement: Need a bit more space in your home?  Optimize the space you already have by finishing off your basement.  Think about all of the ways you could use it!  A spare bedroom, studio apartment, additional hangout space…the possibilities are endless. 
  • Convert to an Open Floor Plan:  Another way to help your home feel more spacious is to move around some walls and open it up!  Take advantage of contractor availability during the winter months and make those bigger visions happen. 

Outdoor Winter Projects

  • Additions:  Did you know that it’s often easier for contractors to work with dry, hard or frozen ground?  Mild winters can be the absolute best time to pour foundations, making it the perfect time for those additions you’ve been waiting for.
  • Build Sheds:  These cooler winter months are also ideal for building sheds and other outdoor storage spaces.  Take advantage of the lower cost of materials and get building!
  • Patios:  Ready to fully enjoy the springtime and spend more time outdoors?  You’ll need a place to spend your days (and nights), making now the right time to build that patio you’ve been putting off. 
  • Paneling/Siding/Shingles:  If the exterior of your home could use a little love, take some time this winter to replace, repair or repaint any paneling, siding or shingles that might need it.
  • Build Window Boxes:  Spruce up your exterior by building some window boxes onto your home.  Getting them completed in the winter will ensure that they are all done in time for you to plant some beautiful flowers or fresh herbs that can be enjoyed throughout the warmer months.    

Spring into Something Fresh:  Organize and Unload

As Spring rolls around, it’s time to declutter, organize and get rid of the “stuff” around your house that’s simply taking up space.  Spring is the best time to tackle both indoor and outdoor projects associated with getting rid of the old to make space for the new!  We often think of this time of year solely as time for spring cleaning, but clearing and decluttering is just as important.  Whether you choose to work with a professional organizer or do it on your own, here are some great spring projects you can work on this year:

Indoor Spring Projects

  • Clear Out Closets:  Now that the cooler months are on their way out, it’s a wonderful time to put those bulky sweaters and heavy jackets into storage for the summer!  Take some time to go through your closets and get them all prepped for the warmer months ahead.  Are there items you haven’t worn in over a year?  Maybe it’s time to make a donate pile.  Ready to take it to the next level?  Color code your belongings or purchase or build a shoe rack!
  • Declutter Drawers & Cabinets:  Spring is also a great time to go through the drawers and cabinets in your home and clear out anything that’s expired, no longer useful or taking up too much space.  Kitchen cabinets, underneath sinks, dresser and night table drawers are just a few of the places you might start working!
  • Bookshelves:  Don’t forget to go through your books, too.  If you’re hanging on to a bunch of things you’re never going to read or books that your children have outgrown, these can be wonderful additions to that donate pile we mentioned. 
  • Attics & Cellars:  Attics and cellars can become catchalls for all of the things that you can’t quite find a place for in your home.  Because of this, they can often become extremely cluttered and disorganized.  Spring is the perfect time to explore these spaces and clear them out so that they can be used in more optimal and functional manners in the year ahead.
  • Pantry:  Don’t forget to tackle your pantry.  How many items lining your shelves are past their expiration date?  At least once a year you should devote some time to discarding foods that have been collecting dust for far too long. 

Outdoor Spring Projects

  • Clean Out Sheds:  Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather by getting outside.  Go through any sheds or storage buildings on your property to sort through tools, gardening supplies, sporting equipment and anything else that you’ve had tucked away for the winter.  Doing this once-a-year can also help to minimize infestations of all kinds. 
  • Tackle the Garage:  If you notice that you’re having some trouble parking your car in the garage, it’s likely an indication that it could use a bit of attention.  Clean up, organize, rid yourself of any trash and reclaim your space!
  • Add Shelving & Storage: As you move through these exterior projects, don’t overlook opportunities to make better use of your existing spaces.  Sometimes something as simple as adding some shelves or storage containers can be just what it takes to keep your spaces more organized. 
  • Prep Your Garden:  Now is also the perfect time to get your garden ready for planting.  Clean out any dead plants or weeds that are currently occupying your garden, till the soil and reinforce raised beds, retainer walls and fencing so that your garden stays safe and protected from critters after planting. 

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