The Pleasant Community of Floridatown

There is a little strip of land just outside Pace that offers a genuine experience of living the kind of life that you dream of in Florida. This strip of land is a suburb called Floridatown, which is both small in size and humble in personality. Although close to the shores of the Gulf Coast, Floridatown is by far one of the most rural communities you will come across in the state of Florida.

About Floridatown

Located in Santa Rosa County, Floridatown isn’t a highly occupied suburb by any stretch of the imagination. It only has a population of around 300, so it is open for new residents to move in. According to Niche, Floridatown has a median home value of $113,200, which is $104,300 below the national average. Its median rent price for a home is $1,722, which is only $60 above the national average. When it comes to its residents either renting or owning property, Floridatown is decisively an owner’s market as 81% of residents own their property. As opposed to 19% that are renting property.

According to Areavibes, Floridatown has an overall Livability score of 80, having a cost of living that is 5% below the national average, as well as goods and services that are also 5% below the national average. Housing costs in Floridatown are exceptionally great as they are 14% below the national average. When it comes to home ownership rates, 67% of Floridatown residents own their homes outright. This figure is 6% above the national average.


In Floridatown there is enough diversity in the people who call this small suburb home. Most residents are in the age range of 35 to 44 years, making up 30% of the community. Middle-aged and Senior citizens of 55 years and older make up 27%, and the combination of young children and teenagers living in Floridatown amounts to 31%. When it comes to education, the majority of residents have at least some form of college education or an associate’s degree, which is 59%.

What To Do in Floridatown

There are many activities to engage yourself in while you straddle along the Gulf Coast. Specifically in Floridatown there are a few things to do. When it comes to amenities, be prepared to have some limitations as this small community isn’t known for having many booming restaurants or shopping centers. Not far from Caroline Street are recognizable restaurant chains in Waffle House and McDonald’s. Turning off Wilkes Street you will encounter a sandwich shop that offers both takeout services and outdoor seating.

This place is called Philly’s, and this eatery specializes in making delicious cheesesteaks and hoagies. Philly’s is open from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm from Monday through Thursday, and 10:30 am to 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. Philly’s has an extensive menu that features both hot and cold sandwiches, and a separate vegetarian menu. Any 6-inch and 12-inch sandwich except for burgers cost $5.49 and $9.35 respectively. Small combo meals cost $8.00 and large combo meals cost $11.44. For hot sandwiches, you can get the Cheesesteak Hoagie, the Pizza Steak, or the Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak. For cold sandwiches you can get the Italian Hoagie, the Roast Beef Hoagie, or the Tuna Hoagie.

Parks and Beaches 

Floridatown Park is an ideal location to go to when you need to go out on a walk and get some fresh air for the day. This park has 5.59 acres of land that includes amenities such as three benches, four pavilions, 17 picnic tables, a pier that has dimensions of 8 feet by 92 feet, and a concrete boat ramp. If you are interested in renting one of the four pavilions, there will be a fee of $35 plus tax to pay. There are six tables in this pavilion with a maximum capacity of 50 people. Floridatown Park is open to the public every day from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Located just 1.6 miles west from Pace is a pleasant bay called Bass Hole Cove. This bay lives up to its name as fisherman will find plenty of bass fish in this small body of water. Alongside largemouth bass are many other species of fish including drum, red drum, flounder, spotted sea trout, flounder, and catfish. While this is a subtle location to stop by on the Florida state map, Bass Hole Cove is a great spot for fishermen to practice what they love doing.


If job opportunities play a big role in determining whether or not to move in to a suburb like Floridatown, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that there are favorable working conditions. Niche gives Floridatown an overall grade of B- in the jobs category based on the combination of job and business growth, cost of living, and employment rates. According to Niche, the median household income for Floridatown residents is $35,536, well below the national median household income of $62,843.

According to Areavibes, the average household income range that residents in Floridatown make is from $52,222 to $55,000. That is on par with both the state of Florida’s average household income range of $48,900 to $55,000, and the average household income range for the United States from $55,000 to $55,322.

There are a few industries that the suburb of Floridatown participates in when it comes to employment. Floridatown has workers in the construction industry, the manufacturing sector, public administration, and transportation, warehousing and utilities. Out of all Floridatown residents, 38.3% of male employees work in the construction industry. 26.2% of male employees work in the industry of transportation, warehousing and utilities. 27.1% of male employees work in various other industries. Female employees have an exclusive presence in public administration as 30.8% of female employees work in this industry. Both male and female employees have a presence in the manufacturing sector as 8.4% of men and 23.1% of women work in this industry.

Crime and Safety

There is limited data on Floridatown when it comes to crime and safety, and all of the following crime statistics are only estimates according to Areavibes. Total crime rates in Floridatown amount to 2,987 crimes, which is 20% above the national average of 2,489. 447 of those crimes were violent crimes, which is 18% above the national average of 379. The remaining 2,540 crimes were related to property crimes, which is 20% above the national average of 2,110.

It is estimated that you have a 1 in 34 chance of becoming a victim of a crime in Floridatown. More specifically, you have a 1 in 40 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime. And only a 1 in 224 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime. Areavibes gives Floridatown a D- grade for crime, which should be concerning if you plan on moving your family into the area.


While crime in this suburb may be a legitimate concern, the most reassuring statistics of Floridatown reside in the classroom. Floridatown can say with confidence that it has some of the best schools in all of Florida. The education levels achieved in Floridatown have exceeded the rates achieved by Florida state standards and national standards. 95.8% of students in Floridatown have completed both 8th grade and high school. This is approximately 15% above both the Florida state and national averages. 63.1% of Floridatown students have completed some college. That rate is slightly above state and national averages. 38.8% of students have obtained an associate degree, which is slightly above state and national averages.

Bachelors and Masters degrees are not the strong suits of Floridatown students as only 27.1% and 3.7% of students have obtained these degrees. These percentages are below the state and national averages. 3.7% of students have obtained either a professional or doctorate degree, which is slightly above the state and national averages.


Floridatown is one of the many pleasant suburbs that the state of Florida has to offer. Although its crime rates appear to be the only blemish to its resume, Floridatown excels in a wide variety of other categories. Especially in adequate education and affordable housing rates. You will also have favorable working conditions in Floridatown should you choose to enter specific industries. There are many things to do in Floridatown and along the Gulf Coast that will keep you and your family busy for all the right reasons. If you seek a calming atmosphere to go along with various avenues of entertainment, then moving to the small suburb of Floridatown could be the right call for you to make.






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